Wednesday, 25 May 2011

A study about soccer moms

This year my son started playing soccer. So I thought that I could take advantage of his weekly games to check out the style of the other soccer moms.

At the beginning I was a bit discouraged though, because I could not find them, the other moms. Most of the other kids were chaperoned by their dads or their nannies. At the first soccer game, the only mom I did find was the coach of the opposing team, whose head-to-toe Lululemon outfit I loved, especially the sweatshirt whose color was coordinated to that of her team.

Few games later, on one of the few warm summer days of this season, I found the most magnificent soccer mom. She came in a deep top, miniskirt, and high-heels, and was capable of superbly balance the cooler while holding her kids' hands.

But I'd say that the most fashionable one, in my view, was the understated beauty, who came to the game in a grey sheath dress, leather moccasins, and big shades.

And if you are wondering what I wore, well, my outfits were a bit constrained by my shoe choice. I wish I could have worn flats, but I had to stick to the one pair of sneakers that so far seem not to be hurting my injured foot. And, to go with the sneakers, what best than jeans and a t-shirt?

And you, are you a soccer mom, and what is your style?

Photo: Victoria Beckham at Minivan Stiletto.

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