Monday, 5 September 2011

Bag display

Today my son started kindergarden in Milan. I am sure it feels more of a milestone for me than for him, so I was quite nervous when I woke up. And did I mention that he is going to a French private school? I felt incredibly under pressure to be dressed appropriately for the occasion. (Dressing my little boy was quite easy, with a polo shirt and dressy jeans combo). After long consideration, I ended up opting for a silk blouse, chinos, strappy gladiators for a hip vibe, and one of my two Louis Vuitton shoulder bags (you cannot go wrong with LV!)

When we arrived at the school and we were waiting outside with the other parents, I distracted myself from the tension of this milestone moment to look at the other moms. I was most impressed not by their clothing choices but by the handbag display. This ranged from Louis Vuitton to Hermes Birkin bags, with everything in between -- even Alexander Wang's latest collection. Half of the moms paired classic ballerinas to their purse, but another half had sky-high wedge sandals that made me a bit jealous...

Photo: photo5814.

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