Sunday, 11 September 2011

The "American cousin" feeling

Last week has been a frenzy of school-related activities and errands, as my son was adjusting to kindergarten. Add a couple of trips to IKEA to get the last few things we needed in our new apartment and you have no time left for blogging! I thus apologize to my readers if I neglected you, but I am sure you understand my position.

The series on Fall fashion will resume shortly. Meanwhile I would like to share with you my today's fashion story.

Since it is still 30 degrees outside and I was inspired by the looks spotted at New York Fashion Week (where shorts are ubiquitous according to, this morning I decided to wear shorts to the office. It was a pair of tailored black shorts (that I bought right before leaving Canada, as posted here), which I paired with a silk Theory top, tailored blazer, Sigerson Morrison strappy black sandals and black Miu Miu hobo. I left home feeling great.

Yet my mother's disapproval on the choice of shorts for the office was not a good omen. As I walked into a seminar I was attending at lunchtime, one of my colleagues (father of five) told me: "I had not recognized you! I was wondering who was the student wearing shorts, but then I realized it was a professor!" I laughed but I wished I could disappear from the room.

In other circumstances I would have cheered myself up with an extra serving of the delicious sandwiches that were offered at the event (Italians do know how to do the food stuff). But I did not, since I thought this would have only worsened my situation. All other women in the room had had only half a sandwich, while I had already had two...

Photos by Mr Newton as seen on Harpers' Bazaar.

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  1. Oh dear! It the worst feeling embarrassed like that. But I'll bet you looked adorable!


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