Monday, 19 September 2011

Fall is here!

Today the weather cooled off quite a bit. When I took my son to school this morning, the temperature had dropped below 15 degrees, but the afternoon is still sunny and warm. Fall has begun. It is my favorite season, with its first chills and that feeling of new beginnings, which this year I have more than ever.

In Canada, what I do not like about Fall is that the weather is too unpredictable: it can be freezing one day and warm the following one, and it can even change from minus to plus temperature on the same day. For this reason, there I need to keep all my summer and winter clothing in the closet at the same time, which makes it even more difficult to get dressed in the morning. On the contrary, here the transition from summer to Fall is more "organized", I'd like to say. Right now I need to add a jacket for the morning chills, and I should probably have one light layer underneath. I need to store summer colors and items such as strappy sandals, and I can start introducing Fall ones in their place.

That it is officially fall is indeed evident in women's changed clothing choices. Today, at our weekly seminar, which has become my window on Italian fashion, women started sporting earthy colors and metallic accessories. Although this time I was appropriately dressed in neutrals (after last week's shorts debacle), I wished I had added one of the two trends to my clothing choices.

In sum, it is time for Fall shopping and dressing! I'll take a look at the Fall trends first, stay tuned for the next post.

Photo: Cieli di Parole.

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