Tuesday, 27 September 2011

To trend or not to trend?

One of the main missing piece from my Fall closet is a light coat. This is somewhat of a chronic problem for me, which I have tried to remedy to at least a few times. For instance, a couple of years ago I snatched a lovely Burberry coat from a sale. I thought it had all the characteristics for being a success: cashmere blend (read: warm but feather weight), trench colour (light enough but more resistant than white to stains), mid-length and high collar (the latter two being important for sudden drops of temperature as we are used to experience in Canada during this season). When it arrived in the mail, it was beautiful but I immediately realized it could have not been an item of daily wear, because both the material and the colour were too delicate. I thus bought a black felt coat from Guess and used it for almost two years straight in Fall and Spring.

I was anticipating that, due to the milder climate in Italy than in Canada, I would have gotten more use out of a "transitional" fall coat, which is thus one of the main items on my wish list. My idea was to add a classic Max Mara grey of blue coat to my outerwear collection, but I got overcome by a daring spirit and decided to look somewhere else. Not that I got too far out the classic realm: I ended up taking home a pale grey Valentino coat. Unfortunately for me, on the way home I encountered real coat love in the form of Stella McCartney's navy blue cocoon version from this year's collection.

I turned to my mother for advice. She strongly encourages me to keep the Valentino coat, because it will never go out of style and it is age-appropriate for me. As for Stella's coat, well, she said I am not 25-years old anymore, so I should not get so hung up on items that are too trendy. What to do?

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