Sunday, 2 October 2011

Fall weekend in the country

This weekend, I went with my parents and my son to check on our country house, which we had not visited in the past three weeks. We were not able to spend much time there, but it was deeply enjoyable. Although the weather is still quite warm, there is a new crispiness to it that allowed us to stay in the garden without burning in the sun. My son could thus go and review the progress of our fruit trees. These pictured here are "cachi", that is Japanese persimmons. In Italy, we eat them in the winter months, when they are extra-ripe, with a spoon.

Freshly-cut "cachi"

For lunch, we celebrated Grandparents' Day at the restaurant "Sasseo". Because of the warm weather we could still eat in the beautiful garden!

Restaurant "Sasseo"

I was just a bit disappointed that the trees are still overwhelmingly green. I miss Canada's fall colors...

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