Tuesday, 11 October 2011

FW11 trends | Denim

Denim is always in fashion, what changes are the cut and fabric. I find that having the right jeans closet can be a make-or-brake sign of style, as much as the right shoes.

This season, mid-waist and high-waist jeans are making a big comeback, by (thankfully) taking the place of ultra-low rise styles, which do not flatter anybody but models, in my view. I talked about this trend in my previous post in this series, and here I would rather like to spend a couple of words about two other denim trends.

J Brand advertisement (Photo: jbrand.com)

GAP skinny riding pants (Photo: GAP)

J Brand, one of the biggest players in the denim market today, launched the fashion of jodhpurs (think: riding pants) and GAP has picked it up. Indeed, jodhpurs have been featured by other brands as well. When I think about it, my mind immediately goes to Ralph Lauren, who has been making them for a while. This is for the good reason that jodhpurs are most appropriate if you are planning an outing at the country. In sum, not something I would wear to the office or to bring my son to school, unless I could find the ones these two girls are wearing...

There is another denim trend looming on the horizon that I am not embracing this season: the double denim. This consists of wearing different denim pieces such as a shirt and a pair of jeans in the same outfit. Katie Holmes and a few others sported this trend, and the rest is (fashion) history, you may say. I am sure it will not grow on me as Katie Holmes' boyfriend jeans did though. I tried the double denim once, when I was fourteen, and my mom told me I looked like a machine worker. She was right.

Katie Holmes in double-denim (Photo: Splash News)

Denim on denim at New York Fashion Week 2011 (Photo: Fashionologie)

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