Friday, 28 October 2011

Halloween preparations

Lush's skull-shaped bath balls

As a kid, carnival has always been one of my favorite festivities. I still remember the emotion of having celebrated it once with my parents In Venice when I was about 12, and I hope to be able to do the same with my son next spring, since we will still be in Italy. Halloween as thus obviously become another one of my favourite times of the year, which gives me another opportunity to dress up. Since my son was born, we have always celebrated Halloween with trick-or-treating in our neighborhood. Last year has been particularly special because we had just moved from an apartment to a house, so we had all the fun of decorating it and handing out candies as much as receiving them.

Halloween has become increasingly popular in Italy as well in recent years, but not among young children. Youth and adults celebrate it in disco clubs or organize home parties, but trick-or-treating is definitely not popular in big cities, where most people leave in big apartment buildings and do not necessarily now their neighbors.

Swarowski's Halloween-inspired windows

Since for us Halloween is a very special time of the year, we thus had to get creative. We started today by making a stop in center city. We got a couple of spooky reads at The American Bookstore, and checked out the stores. A few, such as Swarowski, had Halloween-inspired windows, but most did not. We were pleasantly surprised to discover a lot of fun stuff at Lush, in the form of skull-shaped bath balls and slimy soap gel. We are heading to the countryside later on today, and we are looking forward to see how small Italian towns deal with Halloween!

Our Halloween books

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