Monday, 17 October 2011

Just for laughs

I spent the past three days locked up in the house tending to my son, who was sick, yes, for the second time in two weeks. My week is starting with sleep deprivation and serious crankiness, so you can understand if a needed something to cheer me up.

This materialized in the form of an email that had accidentally ended up in my junk folder. My husband had forwarded me the link for "Suri's Burn Book", a blog of, supposedly, Katie Holmes and Tom Cruise's daughter.

The subtitle reads: "Just because you don't have a Ferragamo Handbag doesn't mean you can behave like a child (I'm looking at you, Shiloh)". Some of the posts are even more hilarious. One of my favorites is about her take on Kate Middleton's future offsprings:
I can’t publicly oppose a policy that gives women the respect they deserve, but I also can’t support a policy that’s going to make a monarch out of my unborn nemesis. I suppose I’ll just have to grin and bear it — and pray that, boy or girl, this eventual child gets the Windsor hairline.
You should not miss this one either, the explanation that goes with the picture above:
No, this is not my official Halloween costume. But it is October, after all, and that means Pumpkin Spice Lattes and public dress-up. Gosh, I wish magic was real. If this wand was actually effective, I’d be accio-ing Katie better jeggings and some dignity.
It got me thinking about what my son will think of me when he is a bit older. Will he think I am a cool mom? Or will he be ashamed of the way I dress?

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