Tuesday, 18 October 2011

FW11 trends | Coats

Today the heating was turned on for the first time in our apartment building. Indeed the temperature has dropped and the Indian summer we have enjoyed in September has, sadly, not come back. I feel thus now entitled to talk to you about coats, which seems what everyone is talking about right now.

Not that I have seen many coats around. According to my mother, it is not coat season yet. Now, I come from Canada but, perhaps because our apartment has been quite cold lately due the lack of centralized heating, I have been freezing my butt off and I could not conceive to leave home in the morning without at least a duster. Which I have done, but I have also looked around and discovered that my mother is right. Last week most moms outside my son school were wearing either a trench or they were layering jackets with scarves, or knits with knit coats. Nonetheless I bet that by early next week, when the minimum temperature is supposed to approach zero, more and more coats will surface.

Burberry Prorsum

Burberry Prorsum

Stella McCartney

Jil Sander

This season coats are all about colour and cocoon shapes. Colors span from earthy fall tones such as orange and red (Burberry Prorsum) to grass green (Stella McCartney) and cobalt blue (Jil Sander). In sum, I would say that any color goes. If you have one bright piece of outerwear in your closet, it is thus time to take it out! If you do not have one, and you are obsessed about color this season as much as I am, you need to be careful before venturing out shopping for such an item. Most colorful coats out there are cocoon-shaped. The combination of these two trends in one item results in something extremely trendy, which may be difficult to wear again another season.

Lanvin's structured take on the cape trend

I will just mention in passing another of this season's trends I am a bit ambiguous about: the cape. Capes, as much as color and cocoon shapes, are not new. They surfaced a couple of seasons ago, and keep getting reinvented. I love the look of them when I see them in pictures, and I had a cape on my wishlist for this season. But after trying on a few, I discovered I am not the cape type. The less structured ones make me look like a superhero -- and, although certainly most moms are, I am sure they prefer the subdued look of Clark Kent. What I do not like about the more structured ones is that my arms stick out in a weird way from the slit sleeves. I thus scratched that and finally decided for my object of affection: the Stella McCartney's coat I have had my eyes on for a while. Although it is cocoon shaped, I think the navy blue color will make it timeless in seasons to come as well, making it a good investment and worth the price. In addition, I do not own a black coat and this could be a good choice for more dressy occasions -- who am I kidding though? I never go out in the evening.

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