Saturday, 29 October 2011

Pumpkin picking

In Canada, each October we make an outing to the fields surrounding Montreal in order to pick our Halloween pumpkin, which my husband is then responsible for carving. Orange pumpkins like those one can find in North America are not very common in Milan, so we decided to give up on the carving. Yet we wanted to get a pumpkin in order to cook some fall specialties, such as pumpkin soup and risotto (one of my absolute favorites!).

This morning we thus headed to our local farmer to accomplish this task. I find it always fascinating to check out the seasonal produce, because in Canada the weather is too cold to appreciate it. This time we also got an interesting story: the farmer was saying how, when he was a child sixty years ago, the locals used to celebrate the 31st of October with spooky decorations, and the kids used to go house by house to ask for treats. Kind of Hallowinish, don't you think?

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