Saturday, 29 October 2011

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Pear millefoglie

My son is not a big fruit eater. I obviously blame this on myself, because when I was weaning him I never insisted on either fruit purées or sliced fruit. Right now, I have been able to get him to like fresh apple and banana purée and some sliced bananas, but that's pretty much it. So my husband and I are always looking for creative ways to get him interested in fruit.

Through my son's French school, we have subscribed to two kids' magazines. In the latest issue of one of them (Toboggan) there was an interesting recipe for pear "millefoglie", which my husband drew my son into preparing for his grandparents this evening. I find it is a great thing to keep your kids busy in the kitchen, so I'll share the recipe here. Enjoy!

RECIPE: Pear millefoglie
Ingredients (for 4 people): 4 pears, 4 slices of prosciutto, 12 teaspoons of Philadelphia, a bunch of chives, a bunch of basil.

1. First, wash the chives and mix them in a bowl with the Philadelphia cheese.

2. Cut each prosciutto slice in stripes and set aside.
3. Wash the pears, and slice them in six pieces beginning with the bottom. Remove seeds if necessary.

4. Lay the bottom piece of each pear on a plate. Spread the cheese-chives mixture on it, then layer one slice of prosciutto and a couple of basil leaves.

5. Cover with the next pear slice (be careful with the order!), and repeat until you have finished all pear slices.

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