Monday, 31 October 2011

What do you wear to take your kids trick-or-treating?

Happy Halloween!

We are having a great day at the countryside. This morning, contrary to expectations, we decided to carve the pumpkin we had picked on Saturday. My husband did really a wonderful job!

We spent the late morning to restock on Halloween supplies at the local drugstore, and we were quite impressed about the stock. We have now plenty of balloons, a skeleton hanging from our doorbell, and pumpkin-shaped garlands in the house. Our shopping outing was useful also to find out the local happenings: it turns out that this evening there is a Halloween kids' party in a nearby village! God bless globalization :-)

Since we will definitely go and check it out, I have been giving some thought about what to wear. Indeed, I never noticed a particular preference among moms to get dressed up for Halloween when they take their kids trick-or-treating. As opposite to Hollywood's stars, who are always photographed in the weirdest costumes, the rest of us may go for some makeup or for a special accessory. I guess we are all aware that the sexy nurse is not an appropriate disguise if you are accompanying an under 15.

Since I love to dress up, I have always taken my son trick-or-treating in a watered-down witch's costume made of a hat and a cape, which I can wear even with heavier clothing underneath if the weather is too cold. This year I am really at loss to decide what to do. I searched through my inbox and my favorite fashion websites, and I realized there is obviously more interest about how to dress our kids for Halloween, rather than ourselves (great last minute ideas from Martha Stewart here). I think I will thus go for the witch's hat. What about you?

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