Wednesday, 23 November 2011

What is your Thanksgiving style?

I have lived in North America since 1999 and celebrating Halloween and Thanksgiving has been one of the constants of the past years of my life. Halloween as become particularly fun since my son was born, and we have continued to celebrate Thanksgiving with our American friends even after our move to Canada.

I am quite sad that this year we will not be able to keep up with the tradition. To cheer myself up, I decided to at least talk about Thanksgiving style. When I was still a PhD student in the US, I had the wonderful opportunity to celebrate Thanksgiving with a good friend of mine and her family, who are originally from Chicago, Illinois. It is one of the best memories of the time I spent in the US and gave me a good insider's view into a tradition that in Italy we do not have (Interestingly, the only thing we did not do, was to go shopping. In fact, I did not find out about Black Friday neil much later, when my husband and I were already dating.) I thought back about this holiday as I was browsing through net-a-porter's suggestions for Thanksgiving style, which for once hit the spot even for the rest of us. All options, from Home Time to Thanksgiving dinner and the Great Outdoors, are quite wearable, and the suggested outfits can be easily recreated with a lot of basics I am sure you already own. I am actually planning to take inspiration from this selection for my Christmas style!

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