Monday, 21 November 2011

Holiday season overload

I seem to remember that the cruise/spring collections used to become a new item around Christmas, not so much before! Perhaps my memory is not that good, or this year everything has come earlier because of the economic crisis... But the thing is that I am in fashion overload, with holiday shopping, holiday style and new season's style guides popping up everywhere. In addition, this year I am celebrating two birthdays before Christmas, mine and my mother's, and I am not even going to talk about school-related activities, kids' birthday parties and so on. So much for the most wonderful season of the year. 

If you are in the same situation, let me tell you what I am going to do to deal with the situation. I am going to go back to my motto: keep it simple. When applied to the holiday season, this means:

1. Concentrate all shopping-related activities after Thanksgiving. I will thus buy all presents online around that time -- if you are subscribed to their mailing lists, a few stores will offer "first dibs" even a couple of days before Thanksgiving. The key here is to do your research: I generally create accounts with a number of online sites and store my wishlist there, so that I can see quickly when the price has budged. Certain sites such as Shopbop will actually do the job for you and send you an email when the items in your wishlist go on sale.

2. Identify quickly holiday-appropriate outfits, and fill-in if necessary by taking advantage of shopping activities as in point 1 above.

3. Do not worry about the new season until February, since I am not going onto any beach vacation  -- and even if I would, the cruise collection will already be on sale by then anyway. :-)

NOTE: I wrote this post over a week ago and forgot to post it. I guess this is additional proof to my feeling of holiday season overload!

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