Monday, 5 December 2011

Another weekend activity

During our visit to the Triennale Design Museum in early October, I had found out about their series of weekend kids' workshops and I had wanted to attend one with my son since then. To give ourselves an opportunity to hang out with my son's classmates, I had thus organized a group outing to today's "Bamboo building" Workshop.

The session lasted 90 minutes in total, and begun with a child-friendly tour of the museum with two animators. The tour was disguised as a treasure hunt so that kids would not get bored. Considering that the group was made of approximately 15 kids and that they went through the museum without leaving just a pile of debris behind them, I think it was a success. Nonetheless, the tour should have been a bit shorter, because towards the end the kids were getting bored and the parents too stressed out about their children breaking something.

Getting instructions about the museum visit

Searching for clues in the "Pratone"

Discovering design at the museum

After the tour, it was time for "Bamboo building", a group bricolages activity where kids had to build huts with bamboo sticks. My son loves building and enjoyed the process, but even the less patient kids had a blast once the huts were finished and they could play by "inhabiting" them.

Building a bamboo hut

I will definitely go back for other activities after the holidays!

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