Friday, 2 December 2011

Sometimes you gotta let go

I had it in my hands. Celine's trapeze handbag, in the full range of colors from the Cruise collection, just in from France (yes, the one in the first picture above). My lovely husband even offered to get it for me as a Christmas present. It was then that I realized that sometimes you gotta let go of your obsessions. The Trapeze is a handheld bag with a strap and I had to admit to myself that, even though I had been on the waiting list for that very same item for months now, I was never going to use it. I personally find handheld bags (of which category I own a few) impractical for either work or leisure time, even when they have a strap, which ends up cutting your shoulder. Celine's handbag do not come cheap, so I would have also been obsessed about ruining it.

I have asked the salesperson to hold it for me until tomorrow, but I know I will not going back. The trapeze has joined the list of other previous handheld bag obsessions of mine, such as Yves Saint Laurent East-West tote. May they rest in peace.

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