Wednesday, 28 December 2011

What did Santa bring you?

This year I received many wonderful gifts for Christmas. My husband (who normally hates shopping) committed five trips to find the nicest handbag for me. You may remember I had decided to let go of my Celine obsession a few weeks ago, but I obviously had many others :-)  In the end, however, the bag I chose was not on my wish list: it is one-of-a-kind Car Shoe hobo that we found in one of my favorite store of Sestri Levante, Zia Luisa. Car Shoe is part of the group that includes Prada and Miu Miu, and uses the same leather as the former to manufacture its handbags. Result: beautiful, soft leather, at half the price! (I will post pictures soon, I promise) One of our shopping outings led us to my other favourite store in town: Abitificio, which sells amazing cashmere sweaters along with a smart selection of Max Mara, Vanessa Bruno, and Brunello Cucinelli. The sad news was that the store was closing down for an indeterminate amount of time, but the good news was that the impeding closing meant 50% off on most items! I selected a handmade scarf by Foliero Sorti, a real treat.

Obviously, the other fantastic present we all got to the enjoy was our week on the Italian Riviera (I just finished posting all pictures on Flickr!) My son recovered from his lung infection, and we all ate a lot of fish and enjoyed  the warm weather. (Somehow, my mom thought that the trip was not enough as a Christmas present, and also gifted me a neutral pencil skirt by Caractere that tied my holiday outfit together very nicely).

Dentice al sale... yummy!

Once we arrived in Belgium, I discovered two more presents for me under the tree at my in-laws. First, another handbag I long coveted: an original Delvaux with matching wallet. Second, an incredibly original gift: a Vivabox of perfumes, which has allowed me to try 10 different perfumes in the quest for the one I like best. Thank you Santa!

How about you? What did you receive for Christmas? Any surprises?

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