Friday, 27 January 2012

Desperate times call for desperate measures, sometimes

Are you familiar with the concept of emergency shopping?

I am sure you are acquainted with the concept in relation to your kids. Think: little one poops all over himself while you are visiting a museum, and you are forced to toss his clothes and dress him in a t-shirt bought from the gift shop. True story.

Due to the interaction with their kids, I think moms are quite prone to embarrassing wardrobe malfunctions. Think: you are at the office getting ready for an important meeting and you realize that your white shirt has chocolate stains you had not noticed in the morning at home when you pulled it out from your closet half-asleep and in a rush.

My emergency today was moths. I was wearing an Etro floral ensemble I love, with matching turtleneck and skirt, to a whole day of meetings at the office. These included the visit of a job candidate we are interviewing, a mother-of-two in her early forties I happen to know from my doctoral training. Halfway through her presentation, I was looking at my sleeve and realized there were holes. One, then two, then several. My first thought was: moths in my closet. I immediately called my mom back in Italy and asked her to put moth balls everywhere.

This did not solve my immediate problem, however. I still had to go out for dinner with some close friends. Home was too far to get changed and make it on time. I rather stopped at Holt Renfrew on my way to dinner and, with fifteen minutes to spare, I seriously considered buying a navy silk blouse and dark wash jeans. The problem is that I am not an impulse shopper and I have too many jeans in my closet. I thus put back my distressed Etro sweater and went to dinner. I do not think anybody noticed, actually, but I have never been so embarrassed in my life.

Photo: The most famous of them all, via Life with Becky.

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