Sunday, 22 January 2012

I see snow...

I have a confession to make: during the past week I have neglected to share with you my impending trip to Canada. One of my students is defending his doctoral dissertation on Friday, and I really wanted to be there. Plus, you cannot imagine the amount of things that accumulate back at home when you are on a long-term transfer somewhere else (99% of these things are obviously the usual-yet-always-boring visits to the bank, to the tax consultant, etc.)

The reason why I have not informed you of my travel plans was not to jinx the trip. My son went back to school last Monday after his long sick spell and I was terribly afraid he would have come down with something else by the end of the week. But he did not. So last Friday night, after he went to sleep, I hurriedly packed and I was able to leave, in spite of the taxi strike, at 6 am the following morning. 

Montreal is covered in snow, although not as much as last year. On my first day here, I went to our local library with the friend I am staying with and her two kids. The thermometer read -22 degrees Celsius. Yet it did not feel as half as cold as Milan! The air was also pleasantly clean, and felt really good in my nostrils.

I have not been away without my husband and son since... Well, I do not even remember. I have a lot of plans for this week, which include blogging a lot, so stay tuned!

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