Saturday, 18 February 2012

Déjà vu

How do you normally get familiar with the new trends?

My preferred source is the internet. It is the fastest way to access fashion information (and God knows if I have little time for this kind of things) as well as the most comprehensive source, generally. I say generally because many Italian brands I like have no or little representation on the web, which in turn is because Italian women still overwhelmingly prefer to shop in regular stores rather than online. Since my husband is away for work, this morning I took advantage of my parents' babysitting and did something I almost never do: go downtown to check out what's new in the stores.

Never like this year I had a feeling of deja vu when looking around. On the spot are now the spring collections (in a couple of weeks resort will go on sale), and their mix of pastels and neon colors. What's new then? One important piece of "fashion wisdom" passed on from generation to generation is that pastels are the color of spring. Last year introduced neon (do you remember Christopher Kane's amazing SS11 collection?) and this year the same trend continues, a bit to the extreme, one might say. Finally, a few of Fall's shades are still in for spring. For instance, burgundy red continues to be a strong shade for Spring clothing (as you can see in Longchamp Spring 2012 Ad Campaign) as much as yellow does for accessories (remember Fendi's Ana bag in mustard for Fall 2011?).

There are a few new elements. The Fifties are the key inspiration for spring's peplum tops and pleated skirts. Vertical lines such as Emporio Armani's (in the bottom picture above), as well as other "grafismi," are creeping up from pants and handbags to take center stage. Yet overall I am still a bit disappointed...

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