Monday, 20 February 2012

The crickets and a starry night

Happy President's Day! What did you do this weekend?

My husband is away for work so we had a quiet, homy weekend. On Saturday morning I treated myself to an outing downtown (you may remember it from this post). On Sunday, we tried a new nearby place for brunch (full report coming soon!). Then my dad and I took my son to the Planetarium for an afternoon presentation.

Since we were early, we spent some time in the nearby park, where my son had lots of fun riding a "cricket". I was so amazed that it was an original 1959 model! All crickets for rent had been built by the grandfather of the business owner, a young guy approximately my age. At the Planetarium, my son discovered the zodiac constellations, and could not wait to build a Lego Scorpion (his sign) once we got home!

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