Thursday, 9 February 2012

How do you get ready for San Valentine's Day?

Do you make any special preparation with your kids for San Valentine's Day?

I generally do not. In Italy, San Valentine's Day is not to be celebrated with kids. It is the day when mom and dad exchange flowers and gifts, and maybe go out for dinner. (To make me feel involved, my dad would always bring flowers for me as well). Primary schoolers would not, however, exchange gifts, cards or anything of that sort. In fact, while talking about it a few days ago, my mother-of-two best friend indicated that she thinks inappropriate to encourage "love" feelings at this age. Yet nowadays one would have to keep their kids under a rock in order to avoid them knowing about San Valentine's Day. So, I explained to my son that on such day we celebrate the people we love, and he therefore decided to bring a chocolate for his three best friends, one boys and two girls. I am curious to see how this exchange will turn out!

As for me, my husband is not a big believer of San Valentine's Day. He does not like the "commercialization" of love, and he thinks that one should show his love and respect for his wife every day. We will definitely go out for dinner though, and I am planning of sporting a red bag for the occasion :-)

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  1. I don't really celebrate Valentine's Day. Where I come from it is celebrated on June 12th. But I never really got into it. My husband doesn't really like the commercialisation surrounding V day either, but he does like the idea behind it and always gives me something special. So I celebrate it for his sake rather than mine. Besides most years my husband is away on business on Valentine's day and this year is no different. So looks like it'll only be my 2 sons and I come the 14th of Feb. This year :)

    Hope you have a lovely V day with your husband though!



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