Friday, 9 March 2012

Marni for H&M: the day after

How do you deal with new purchases? Do you often return things you bought?

My mom says I am the queen of returns. It is not because I am a impulse shopper, however. I always ponder for a long time before buying anything. It is rather because, after so much thinking, the item I get needs to live up to the expectations, and it often doesn't.

The Marni for H&M collection is a bit different, because when I went to the store yesterday there were so many people that it was impossible to spend too much time thinking about your purchases. So I over-bought, and I knew I was going to screen my items once at home. Yesterday evening I thus did a little catwalk for my mom, and decided what to keep. Here it is! I realized, after my mom pointed it out, that the jacket of the blue suit is cut weirdly in the back, so I need to consult a tailor as to whether it can be fixed. I really hope so, since it is my absolute favourite item!

Going back are another summer dress, the sunglasses, another set of bangles, and the shirt I had gotten for my dad, because it does not fit him. NTS: Need to find another present for Father's Day for him.

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