Monday, 26 March 2012


Who are you? Someone who can mix and match effortlessly or someone who needs planned outfits to avoid falling into despair in the morning for not having anything to wear?

Let me begin by saying that I suck at transition dressing. I am definitely NOT one of those people who can mix and match effortlessly. As excited as I am about the fact that spring is here, I am thus in transition dressing hell. Take last week for instance. I wanted to go nautical, and wear a striped long-sleeves t-shirt (I was planning my trip to Paris, hence the inspiration). Upon leaving the house, I got worried that it might have still been too cold to abandon a sweater and I grabbed a cardi on my way out. Obviously, the cardi did not match at all the pants I was wearing! I did much better on my three-days trip to Paris, but the key was that I had planned my outfits in advance.

I thus decided to go back to square one: the organization of my closet. Somehow, after a big effort back in September to get it organized, in Fall and Winter I ended up ALWAYS picking from the same section of our walk-in closet -- the one closest to the entrance door. As glad as I maybe that fashion pros like Amanda Brooks seem to do it, too, I want to do better this season. It is almost painful to think about the money I spend on clothes and how little I end up wearing them.

Let's then review together:

• First, divide and conquer;
• Second, take stock.

While we all work on these two issues, in the next few of days I'll finish my review of the Spring trends so that we can start planning a shopping strategy for the new season.

Photo: Issa maxi dress (available at mywardrobe) + Jason Wu sweater (available at net-a-porter), via Glamour.

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