Tuesday, 3 April 2012

Lego galore

Hello everyone! Do your kids like Lego?

My son LOVES Lego. He has been into Lego for over three years. He could build (and still does) pretty much anything with Duplo. Then naturally his attention turned to "small" Lego (as we call it), and slowly a collection of models from different series begun. First there were Star Wars and Atlantis, the latter still being one of his favorites, and the only set we brought to Europe. (On a side note, as a parent, when the day of reassembling all the broken models comes, I often think small Lego should be against the Geneva Convention... don't you agree?)

Since we arrived in Milan, Lego has become pretty much the only toy my son plays with. Due to his numerous sickness spells, and to the proximity of his grandparents (he is the only grandson for my parents, you can imagine how much they like to spoil him...), our Lego collection has pretty much occupied his entire room. Hence, when I discovered that there is a Lego theme park close to London (Legoland Windsor Resort), I could not pass on the opportunity.

We spent the whole day there yesterday and we had a blast! We shot at the bad mummies in the pyramid of Lego Pharaohs Quest, we acted as firefighters in the Duplo-inspired Transport area, we went (twice) on a dino safari, and we enjoyed the view of the park from the top of a magic wheel.

I did not plan on the crowd and the long lines (yesterday was the first day of the Easter holidays), and I was a bit disappointed by the fact that the rides were quite short, especially taking into account the long wait to get in. But the last ride we went on made it all worth it, and more! Beginning this year, you can ride the Atlantis submarine to explore the underwater ruins of the ancient city. The submarine is completely submerged into a real aquarium filled with corals, sharks, stingrays and reef fish. In this natural environment, one can admire through the submarine windows the giant Lego models of the City of Atlantis. Kids can also participate to the mission by operating the sub's controls. It was really amazing! Be sure not to skip it of you go.

P.S. Since I was a bit bummed by having to spend half an hour to get into each ride, I considered getting a Q-bot (the reservation device that calls you when it is your turn for an attraction), but it was so expensive!

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