Saturday, 14 April 2012

Oh my Bella Falabella

Hello everyone! Do you like Stella McCartney's handbags?

I love pretty much everything designed by Stella McCartney, but I have always thought that her bags are a ripoff, considering they are not even leather. Yet, while searching for the perfect yellow bag (since... ever!), the yellow faux-python Falabella (pictured above) has been on top of my Spring wishlist. I actually went to the store with the idea of buying it right before our trip to London (it seemed just fitting!), and I realized it was another obsession I had to let go (like the one for Celine's bags). Do not take me wrong, I still love the bag and its price is, surprisingly enough, among the lowest for a designer handbag. Yet I do not like how the bag loses its shape once you put inside a few things -- and my requirements are high on this point: wallet, keys, iPhone, iPad, compact camera (perhaps also my more professional camera), kids' stuff, other bits and pieces. Hence, no purchase. I am back searching for the perfect yellow bag...

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