Saturday, 14 April 2012

Problem solved!

Hello everyone! What did you do to celebrate the end of the workweek?

We broke with our routine and went out for dinner with my mother-of-two best friend and her husband. Since she is so stylish, yesterday morning I was a bit anxious about what to wear for the occasion. Then I went out for lunch and I solved my problem! Curious to know how?

Well, everyday on my way to the office, I have been passing in the car a store I wanted to check out: Bahama Mama. I had read a couple of articles about it (including this one from Vogue), and they had intrigued me by describing it as a bar, nail salon, and vintage retailer. Yesterday I thought, why not? So I discovered my new favourite store. I like everything there. The interior design, the mix of new and old, the displays of vintage accessories and clothes, and the coffee is one of the best in town. I have never been into vintage, but I could not walk out empty-handed. I bought a wonderful silk pussy bow blouse to wear for our dinner out (pictured above in the dressing room) and another little something for my mom (sorry I cannot spoil the surprise!). I will go back for a pedicure and take more pictures to share with you, so stay tuned!

P.S. Incidentally, I should say that I (but not my wallet, for sure) will miss the ease of stumbling upon wonderful shopping streets such as the one where Bahama Mama is located. Even the toy store next to it had me drooling over its amazing toy wood designs and kids' room accessories! (yes, I considered redecorating my son's room with a pirate theme just to be able to buy all their merchandise...)

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