Sunday, 20 May 2012

The vault

Hello everyone! Have you ever had a moment of true envy towards somebody else's closet?

Today it was raining, so we spent most of the day at my mother-of-three best friend 's house. During a short moment while the kids were all entertaining themselves, she allowed me a peek into her closet. She wanted to show me what she had scored at Brunello Cucinelli's sample sale a couple of weeks ago -- obviously (although fortunately for my wallet), while I was away in San Francisco.

I am not sure you are familiar with this brand, but it is one of the most expensive Italian clothing brands. Brunello Cucinelli is famous for his laid-back weekend style and cashmere sweaters, all with a starting price of 1000$. the sample sale my friend attended offered in-season clothing at 75% off: she got one bag priced at 2000$ in the store for a mere 400$. She then also had two overflowing drawers of assorted tops, shorts, and sweaters, which at full price would have totaled close to 10000$.

Talk about true envy...

Photo: Grazia.

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