Monday, 28 May 2012

What would you save from a fire?

Hello everyone and Happy Memorial Day!

In Italy, today is not a holiday, in spite of the fact that many other Catholic countries celebrate Assumption. My long absence (sorry!) is thus not due to the fact that I was happily vacationing somewhere nice. Rather, I was sick in bed with the flu (the fourth of the year, don't even get me started). I totally sympathized with Paula in this post. It is never fun to be sick when you are a mom, especially if your son has been sick himself a lot and you worry you may pass the virus on to him. :-(

In the attempt to prove that I was not so sick after all (even though I was), we went to the countryside over the weekend. I wanted to go also because we have only three weekends left in Italy (next week we should be in Belgium), and I am not sure how many other chances we'll have. I needed to say my goodbyes to my grandparents' countryside home, to the tallest-than-the-house pine tree that was planted in my birth's occasion, to the vineyard that stretches further away than the eye can see, to the sunset, to my grandmother's rose garden, to the mementos from my own childhood that are piled in the garage, and to my own grandparents who are buried nearby.

This goodbye stuff is hard. Hence, when we got back to Milan I tried to distract myself by starting to pack, and got immediately disoriented. I know I will have to leave some things behind. Since I do not know when will we be coming back and I am struggling so much with this goodbye stuff, it felt like trying to save only a few things from a fire. What would you save? I honestly do not know yet.

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