Saturday, 30 June 2012

And we're back!

Hello everyone and greetings from Montreal!

We had a bit of journey (which starred super-unfriendly staff by Swiss Airlines in Milan, a canceled flight, and the ensuing run through two airports), but we made it back on Wednesday. We are now staying with friends until we move back into our house early new week.

In spite of the millions things we have to do, I have a deep feeling of inner calm after the storm of emotions that signed the weeks before our departure. I feel like I am back in my place, I know where everything is and how to get things done. I look forward to be again one of the people reading or hanging out in a cafe while sipping a cup of coffee. Of course, I miss the glamour, and on a recent visit to my office on campus I could not help but compare the students' attire to that of the students in Milan -- and it was not a glorious comparison. I also miss the food and the fresh vegetables but... it is my target to scout for fresher and tastier vegetables in the markets around town during the summer.

Then there is our house. I went there for the move-out inspection with our tenants two days ago. For the whole car drive, I feel as anxious and excited as meeting a lost love. There it was, as beautiful as I remembered. The garden is in full bloom, a kaleidoscope of colours, textures and smells. I am really grateful to our wonderful tenants who took care it as well (or maybe better) that we would have.

The day after we arrived, I was reading Joslyn's post about a recent trip to her native California. She described the mixed emotion of happiness and sadness when she is there, because she loves the places so much and she dreads the fact she eventually has to leave. It made me wonder what a complex relationship we have with the places where we grew up. I definitely liked spending a year in Milan (as you may remember from this post), and I was deeply saddened about having to leave, but... here is here it feels our HOME, finally.

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