Sunday, 1 July 2012

On my mind

Hello everyone and Happy Canada Day!

Since we moved to Canada seven years ago, it is actually the first time I get to spend the event here, because all other times we had already left to visit our families in Europe. I am staying with a good friend of mine and we decided not to attend the parade, which could be a bit too chaotic for the kids. We are thus having a day of lounging in the backyard, and perhaps we'll make a quick visit to the park (no BBQ, since both our hubbies are away for work... where are men when you need them?).

The main thing that has been on my mind this week is the launch of our new look, which I have been working on closely with Wooster Web Design in the past couple of months. Shame on Gwyneth for trying to out stage us by upgrading her blog as well :)  I have also been visually stunned by all. these. pictures. And there are these other things too...

A great summer uniform.

"Above all, be the heroine of the your life, not the victim." Nora Ephrom (1941-2012). 
Yes, the one who brought us Sleepless in Seattle and You've got mail (via Joanna Goddard).

Her haircut, because I have totally fallen out of love with the one I got recently 
(the hardest-to-maintain haircut ever!)

Saks' menswear inspirations for Fall -- although none is actually in my price range.

Her art, and the way she displays it, is an inspiration.

Another blogger conference I wish I could attend.

Having your house designed by a Lego artist like this one.

great post about footwear.

East and West soccer mom style according to Suri Cruise 
(and yes, this is Buffy the Vampire Slayer, in case you were wondering).

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