Saturday, 2 June 2012

Bundled up

Hello everyone! What is the personal trait that makes you a good mom?

The question I ask can make you think that this post has the wrong title. Maybe you were expecting me to talk about the cold weather that we are, once again, experiencing even though it is early June. You will see, however, that I am talking about a different bundle.

It is the emotional bundle I am right now (I should say mess, but I am trying not to put myself down even more). Blame the end of my sabbatical year (on May 31, yes... did you remember when it started?) and our impending move back to Canada. Whatever the reason, I feel I have lost my reference points. All of them, disappeared, at the same time. Which is why I cannot stop thinking about this article.

When I read it a few days ago, I thought I could say I am reliable mom. The one who is always there to help, comfort, cook, clean, support, and makes life easier for everyone in the family. Then a couple of days ago my son told me that he rather not go at all on a garden exploration than to go on the above mentioned exploration with me. He also said he would be happy to go with his dad, and that I should not go in order not to spoil the fun.

Do you believe it if I say that I plunged into depression for a couple of hours because of this? I am no fun mom, that's what I kept thinking. Then I saw the quote above (by Maria Kalman), and I made a decision. I want to reinvent myself a little.

How am I doing so far? I am not sure, but I will keep you posted.

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