Friday, 15 June 2012

Challenge # 3

Hello everyone and happy Friday! How do you feel about new, radical haircuts?

I have a love-hate relationship with my hair. You see, it is wavy. In other terms, neither curly, nor (sob) straight. My hair is also thick, so when blow-dried, it can fuzz up in a fluffy ball. Throughout most of my life, I have had it shoulder-length, an "in between" length I ultimately hated because it made me feel indecisive. During my doctorate, I then found a great hairdresser who cut it short. It was of super-easy mantainance, and made me feel young. A few years later, in preparation for our wedding, I then let it grow out. I wanted to have a romantic hairdo for the occasion and I achieved that effect, but I ended up getting stuck with a one-hour blow-dry & straightening session every time I washed it. Holding on to this session became increasingly difficult as many pregnancy went on, and I had to drastically change it once my son was born. I opted then for the "Katie Holmes" bob that the acress had then just started sporting, and I was quite happy with it.

That was five years ago, and I needed a change. A big one. I also needed a easy-to-care summer haircut that does not imply blow-drying, because honestly I do not even know in which box my blow-dryer is in Canada. The major haircut happened today, and I am happy with it. Just keeping my fingers crossed that I will still like it the first time I wash my hair at home...

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