Friday, 15 June 2012

Random thoughts while shopping

Hello again everyone! Planning any fun Friday afternoon activity?

After my major haircut earlier this morning, I set off for what (I think) will be my last shopping outing downtown. As my friend had predicted, sales started earlier this year. After offering pre-sales to selected customers in the past week, even department stores such as Excelsior and La Rinascente have begun offering 40 and 50 percent off selected merchandise.

I have to confess that I did not go downtown to check on the sales. Aside from my recent purchase (for charity) at Convivio, I have not been very interested in shopping lately (remember Belgium?). Rather I went to La Rinascente to check out Celine's new handbag collection for FW12, which arrived in store this morning. I know, I have given up in this obsession a while ago, but I was curious... By the time I got there though (after a rather disappointing lunch at Excelsior), all Luggage models were already sold out. Left were only two large Phantom totes (way too big, in my view) as well as four smaller versions. My favourite among the latter group was a grey suede one. Perhaps the worst surprise was that all prices have gone up quite significantly compared to the previous season, on an average of 200 euros. The Phantom tote I coveted is now 1400 euros, while regular all-leather versions are 1800 euros.

P.S. If you are in town and you like British jewelry designers, you may want to check out the limited editions created for the Queen's Diamond Jubilee, on display and on sale at La Rinascente until tomorrow.

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