Monday, 25 June 2012

On my mind

Hello everyone! Did you have a good weekend?

My son is still sick and I have had quite bit of time to browse around while waiting for his fever to come down after his latest dose of Tylenol (I started writing this post around 4 am on Saturday, and by 5 am I started hearing birds chirping outside). Hence here are a few things that have been on my mind:

Pretty Mommy's lovely home at Design Mom

Making gold tube bracelets with Erica's tutorial -- it has gone straight on my summer list

We talked about this: torn is not my style (but these are great pictures!)

Yves Saint Laurent changes name: what will happen with the bags?

Creature Comforts summer recipes and colour daily inspirations like this one

Asos peplum jacket (above, courtesy of Mattias Swenson) and the Fashion Squad Shop

Melissa Noe's comment on Mara's post: "My favourite time of the day is night time - tucking my kids into bed I get sweet hugs and I love your. No more worrying about disciplining for the day or losing my temper or being the perfect mom." It is exactly how I feel. (Painting by Normal Rockwell, 1921).

What's your mantra to get dressed in the morning? This one may inspire you (and the one 
above is as dreamy as an outfit I can think of, courtesy of The Sartorialist).

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