Saturday, 23 June 2012

A breath (or two) of sea air

Hello everyone! Did you have a good week?

We headed for the beach on Wednesday morning, to regroup and relax before our move back to Canada next week (the same place where we came before Christmas). We arrived by lunchtime, had a great lunch overlooking the sea, and then spent a glorious afternoon by the hotel's pool -- where my son entertained himself in the kiddie pool while my husband read and I sunbathed a bit.

Unfortunately, by Thursday morning my son came down with a mild fever, which got worse by this morning. There has been an epidemic of infectious diseases in his school, and his two closest friend just recovered from the Sixth Disease. When I googled it, I read "Otherwise known as the three days fever, because it first gives three days of really high fever (39-41)." I thought: great, as if we have not had enough of those this year. Will we even be able to leave next Tuesday?

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