Wednesday, 20 June 2012

There are those

When I read this post by Joanna Goddard, I smiled. Ah, the beach. I am a sea creature, probably due to my grandmother's Ligurian origins, and partly due to the yearly visits I paid in my childhood to the beach apartment she had my grandfather buy in Liguria because of it (him, who hated the very essence of the sea, sand and salt partnership). 

Put me on a beach, in the sun, and I am happy. This is also why I smiled. We all need a breath of fresh air. The big move is just a few days away. We are thus taking off to Sestri Levante again for three days. You may think: just three days? I would have taken even one in a flash.

There are those who would buy a Matthew Williamson kaftan and a new bikini for such an occasion. Yet when it comes to beachwear I am very frugal. I thus grabbed a cotton shirt coverup at Benetton while I was shopping for shorts for my son, took out my honeymoons bikinis, forked the Marc Jacobs aviator sunglasses I got in Ottawa last year (no car trip would be perfect without it), and I was good to go.

Which is the last reason why I smiled. Minimal packing. Does it get any better than this?

Photo: Pool at Las Brisas, by Slim Aarons (via All Things Stylish).

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