Wednesday, 15 August 2012

Olympics fashion and the reverse culture shock

Hello everyone! Did you follow the Olympics?

I belong to the group of those who are not into the Olympics. If you'd ask me whether the Italian team has gotten any medals, I'd probably have to guess fencing. This year I have been quite taken with Olympics fashion, however. I think it all started with the announcement that Stella McCartney, one of my favourite designers, was going to design the "kits" (as they are called) for the British team. Then Armani unveiled the sensible Italian kits, Ralph Lauren obviously was hired to design the American kits, the daughter of Bob Marley did the Jamaican ones, and Salvatore Ferragamo did those of San Marino (full slideshow here).

I have to say that, up to this point, I had not given much thought to the outfits which were going to be sported by the Canadian team. This issue hit me in the face a few weeks ago, during a trip to The Bay store downtown (as you may remember if you follow me on Twitter or Instagram). Because, as it turns out, the Hudson's Bay Company has been designing the Canadian Olympics kits since 2008. At that point I was struggling with food re-entry issues (remember this post?), and I had not yet given much thought about the loss of glamour associated with our move back to Canada. The Canadian Olympics kit did it, and I was hit by a total culture shock.

I mean, why didn't anyone look at the Canadian Olympics fashion archives? I'd take the 1956 ensemble every day of the week and twice on Sunday -- and I'd ask Smythe to redesign those navy blazers. Would it be that difficult?

Photo: Home Trends.

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