Saturday, 6 October 2012

FW12 trends | The Fall face

Hello everyone! What are you up to this weekend?

I had an incredibly good, productive Friday, and a long weekend ahead -- on Monday we celebrate Canadian Thanksgiving. Aside from cooking, my top priority is blogging! I have a lot of things to share.

Continuing with the series on the Fall trends, today I'd like to talk about makeup. Mark your calendar, because this is not something I am very much into. I am a fresh-face-for-lack-of-time kind of gal. Perhaps also because my skin is super-sensitive, so that most makeup (including facials and the like) is off limits to me.

Wasn't I glad that, in this season of extremes, the "nude" look is as much in fashion as the burgundy lips. I decided to make a commitment to wear makeup regularly (I am pregnant, so I want to look at my best in spite of the hormones, right?), and an investment in an eyeshadow.

Since about a month ago, I spend Fridays at an office downtown (more on this in another post), which gives me the opportunity of window-shopping a bit, and pass through the concentration of stores and department stores that stretches between Sherbrooke and Saint Catherine Street. With a torn page from Vogue in hand, a couple of weeks ago a paid a visit to the Dior outpost in Holt Renfrew. Sure enough, I went in for an eyeshadow, was given a full makeup, and went home with a bag full of new products. Quite daring, considering that I was not sure how my skin was going to react -- the furthest I had gone so far was Clinique... The friendly salesperson reassured that, should I have had any allergic reaction, I could return the whole package, so I felt I had nothing to lose. I discovered a whole new world! In fact, the only product I had not bought was the mascara, but went back for it a few days later.

My routine now consists of the following:

  • Face cream. I stick with my Vichy Aqualia Thermal "Light" Cream, which has never given me any problem. If you have a sensitive skin, I totally recommend it.
  • Eye cream. I invested in Clinique's new Even Better Eyes Dark Circle Corrector, and so far I am happy about it but not thrilled. What I like about it is that it has a slight shimmery tint, which illuminates the under-eye area immediately upon application; but my dark circles do not seem to have much improved yet.
  • Foundation. My Dior makeup session made me discover Dior's Airflash spray foundation. It is light and supereasy to apply, and it is the first one that does not make my skin itch after a few hours. It evens my skin tone perfectly, and stays on the whole day.
  • Bronzer and blush. I am still holding on to two Clinique's products I have been using for a while: the Almost Bronzer (in light/medium), and the Gradient Powder Blusher (in black honey). I apply the bronzer first to even my skin tone, and then the blush on the cheeks.
  • Eyeshadow. I totally swear by Dior's eyeshadow in the fall palette "Earth Reflection", although I am still learning how to properly apply it.
  • Mascara. I never thought my lashes could look longer than with Dior's Iconic Mascara. There is no going back. In fact, I feel the mascara is more effective than the undereye cream when I want to conceal my tiredness...
  • Lipstick. I have been addicted to Dior's Addict Lipstick for a couple of years, but I had grown a bit tired of it and its pinky glow. Now I replaced it with Rouge Dior Nude Lip Blush in Nude, which totally achieves the nude lip look for me.
  • Nails. At the nail salon, I also discovered a new Essie color that perfectly complements my nude makeup: BFF Best Boyfriend. Give it a try, I love it!

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