Sunday, 7 October 2012

Getting ready for Fall, part 2 | Be the constant editor

Hello everyone! Have you transitioned your closet into Fall?

After completing the great purge of my closet last week, today I focused a bit more on editing, thinking forwards to the additions I would like to make for Fall.

It is so easy now that everything is within easy reach, on display and nicely organized! Editing at this point just means making sure that what is on display reflects what I can actually wear. For instance, I had kept out a few thick cotton sweaters, and lighter blouses, for transition dressing. Now, however, the minimum temperature is staying constantly below five degrees celsius, and those had to be put away. I replaced them with a few lighter knits, thick scarves and gloves. Even if I am not laying out my outfit the night before, grabbing things on the go from my closet is super-easy in the morning!

P.S. If you are still struggling through your closet's transition to the new season, remember my mantra: divide strategically your closet items, take stock of what you have, then think about what your needs are, and never, ever, let your closet wear you down! Also, don't forget to check out Emily's tips in this post.

Photo: Cupcakes and cashmere.

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