Friday, 26 October 2012

FW12 trends | Hold on to your slippers and tie your laces

Hello everyone and good early morning!

Hubby dearest has left for the airport at 5 am and seemed like trying his hardest to wake me up in the process. I have been awake since 5 as well, cranky, and wishing I could stomach coffee because I am not sure how I am going to get through today. To cheer myself up, what better to do than to talk to you about shoes for Fall?

As pre-fall had let us foresee, this is the season of the smoking slipper a.k.a. the slipper that will cost you 500$ and above. The smoking slipper is marketed as a luxury loafer in order to maximize its popularity. Nonetheless, it generally lacks the arch support of the latter, and from my test feels more like a flat ballerina. It is a trend I am not too fond of not as much because of the price tag but because wearing a slipper, no matter how expensive, will make you look like you forgot to put your shoes on. My favorite pairs are thus the less-slipper looking, and if the price point would not be an issue I would totally see myself wearing Miu Miu's tassel glitter loafer at all our family's holiday parties. If it is the style for you, you can start with the good selection by Neiman Marcus or take some time to sift through Yoox's virtual racks, where you'll be able to find options for all price points.

Boots are, as every Fall, all over the spectrum. Knee-high boots have been reinvented with fringes and big fold-overs (Givenchy reigns in the latter category -- and Zara has plenty of look-a-like), lower boots take a spin with studs and the like (seeking desperately ChloƩ's Susanna booties).

I am in love with Balenciaga's lace-up pumps (I mean, who isn't? But expect to pay 1500$ for a basic pair), metallic cap-toe shoes (why is it that the nicest ones have miles-high heels though? I am looking at you, Derek Lam Devon booties), and white everything footwear as seen at Celine (although I dare you sporting this trend when being around kids). If I could wear 4" heels, modernist shoeware like Phillip Lim or Stella McCartney's would also be on top of my list...

Next post on Fall pants coming up in a few minutes, so stay tuned!

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Photos: Balenciaga's lace-up pumps by Venue Magazine; Chloe's Susanna booties by The Beauty and The Geek; Phillip Lim Kadi cut-out booties in burgundy by Shopbop; Stella McCartney's pumps by Stella McCartney.

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