Monday, 1 October 2012

Getting ready for Fall, part 1 | The great purge

Hello everyone! Did you do anything fun this weekend?

Here it has become officially Fall, and next week is (Canadian) Thanksgiving. I'd thus like to tell you about a project I have been working on and that I completed on Sunday. Hooray for me!

Our house, which we bought two years ago, had a typical 1930's feel and little storage. I admit, my husband, son and I have a lot of stuff, but during the first visit to the house we marvelled about how little storage space (read: closets) there was. After much thinking, which involved entertaining for a short while the idea of tossing down walls and redesigning all bedroom spaces, we looked at our budget and went for the simplest solution: converting the smallest bedroom into a walk-in closet. Not that anyone had to pull my teeth though, if you know what I mean :)

As it is the case for most furniture that one can buy in Montreal, closets are imported and thus expensive. We looked into California Closets, plus all the Italian "usual suspects" (Flou, etc.) and were not happy with any of them. I wanted a totally open design that looked modern and would not bankrupt us. Finally, we stumbled upon the closets made by Jesse, which is an Italian brand as well although I had never heard of it before. It had everything we wanted, and it was in our price range.

What I discovered after the closets were installed was an additional advantage: their layout can be easily recounfigured. This is a major thing for me, since I am extremely organized and I am always on a roll when it comes to home organization. I have come back from Italy with a new sense of style, new things, and new needs. Therefore, even before I found out I was pregnant, when we moved back into our house at the beginning of July, my closet felt impossibly badly organized and the stuff I had put in storage seemed to belong to someone else.

A few trips to my trusted consignment store and several drop-offs to the Salvation Army bin later, I am done. The great purge has happened (thanks Joslyn and Paula for your constant inspiration in this endeavor). Purging also meant strategically dividing my stuff by season and occasion (remember what I wrote last year in this post?), by taking advantage of a number of small, built-in closets that are scattered through our house. Summerwear (and pre-pregancy wear) went in one closet, coats and eveningwear in another one.

No more boxes with an unknown content, no more items hidden in their dust bags. All out in the open and within easy reach. Most importantly, a new layout for my closet, after Sunday's friendly visit of our installer. What do you think?

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