Monday, 1 October 2012

The pace of our lives

Hello everyone and good (early) Monday morning!

It is 6:30 am here, the time I approximately wake up now. I have actually been awake for a little longer, but could not bring myself to get out of bed. Rather, I picked up my iPhone from the bedside table and spent a few minutes in the darkness getting a head start on my emails. This excellent post by Joslyn brought together numerous streams of thought that have been floating through my head lately.

My son started kindergarden in a new school here about a month ago (before we went to Europe he was in daycare). Compared to last year, when my parents were helping us a lot in bringing him and picking him from school and activities, this year we are completely on our own. My son's schedule is also quite different: he has to be in school by 8 am, and finishes at 3 pm. This means I get to the office much earlier than usual, but I also have to leave much earlier -- 3 pm somehow always feels "just after lunch". It also means that I am on a roll from very early in the morning, and on childcare/household duty for a much longer stretch of time everyday during the week -- and I am slower in doing thing because I get tired more easily now. I do not regret at all, and I love to be the one who picks my son up from school, because it gives me the opportunity to meet the other moms and their kids, whom are all new to us. Nonetheless, I feel constantly hurrying towards a moving target that I seldom reach.

Our weekends have also changed. We have always packed it with activities together, but now there is more to be done around the house, works to catch up with, stuff to get organized for the coming week, so that my husband and I tag-team a lot. I take my son to science class on Saturday, my husband takes him to skating practice on Sunday. We always try to organize at least one family activity but I feel we are all a bit more disgruntled... Any tips?

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