Sunday, 28 October 2012

May the pumpkin be with you

Hello everyone! Did you have a good weekend?

We finally had a sort of a quiet weekend. On Friday, I had a minor physical breakdown (I have definitely overdone it lately), and I realized that my body needed to take it slowly for a few days. We took my son to his usual activities (including a rigorously dressed-up skating lesson), stocked up for the upcoming Frankenstorm, and got groceries.

The highlight of the weekend was our local library's Halloween scavenger hunt, which was a big hit with my son and his friends. In order to enter the hunt, everybody had to drop off a decorated pumpkin. Our had been quite plain -- my son had wanted to do it himself, and I had not had the strength to suggest any elaborate project during one of our latest marathon weekends. My best friend, on the contrary, who is my inspiration -- raising three kids (of whom the youngest is just over two months old) and keep up with her work while she is on maternity leave --, helped her son to decorate the pumpkin pictured at the top of this post. It is Yoda, and it won one the library's prizes. So well deserved!

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