Wednesday, 31 October 2012

Pregnancy Style Diary, week 22.5 | I wish I could

Hello everyone! How many times when you were pregnant you thought: "I wish I could wear..."

Today it keeps happening to me. First, there was this beautiful purple Milly coat I tried on at Holt Renfrew (I cannot find it online, sorry). I have been looking for a purple coat for ages. It was right there, hanging in the store. It had a A-line, and right now I would look ridicoulous to wear it even if unbuttoned. The winter is coming too, and that coat will definitely not do it. I spent a good 15 minutes to ponder with the sales associates about the size that would fit me post-pregnancy. The uncertainty was too large and I had to let go. (Let's hope I find it on sale in January!!!)

Still at Holt Renfrew, there was the Brunello Cucinelli collection. Nothing to say about it, Brunello's relaxed style would be ideal for pregnancy. If you have 2000$ laying around to shell out for just a sweater, of course.

On my way home, I peeked into the window of another store and got mesmerized by a golden, fully sequined mini dress. It would have probably never fit me even before I got pregnant, and it would be completely inappropriate for every single one of the occasions I can think of.

Then there was the Outnet's party special feature. Call it another incarnation of the Cinderella syndrome. The thing is that next year my husband and I will celebrate our 10th wedding anniversary. Since we had our first date, and then lived for a while, in Hawaii, before I got pregnant I was secretly imagining a vows' renewal cerimony on a sandy beach, with my son as a ring bearer and no family drama. Hence the attractive power of the Outnet's beautiful gowns.

I even started a board on Pinterest now...

P.S. Remember these shoes? They are also part of the Outnet's special -- if you have a size 40 and above though. Also,  click here for more posts in the "What I wore through my pregnancy" series.

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