Thursday, 1 November 2012

Pregnancy Style Diary, week 22.6 | Time for dresses!

Hello everyone! When your pregnant belly started bulging out, what did you find to be most comfortable, pants or dresses?

As you may remember (evidence here and here), I am a pants person. The first thing I got tweaked during this pregnancy were my jeans. Nonetheless, I know defeat when I see it. The above-mentioned jeans are getting tighter and tighter by the second, and dresses are looking more and more attractive.

This beauty by 10 Crosby for Derek Lam arrived in the mail 10 days ago from Shopbop. I always wanted to try this line, and I wanted to be a bit more experimental during this pregnancy. Plus, the color seemed totally appropriate for the upcoming holiday season.

When it arrived in the mail, I was impressed by the quality of the garment. The fabric is thick and not at all transparent (something I was worried about from the picture on the website). Nonetheless, when I put it on, I thought the color was really too "out there" for a woman in my condition, so I put it aside. This morning I had a presentation at work, and I decided to try it on again. It was love at first sight! The color was still vibrant but I felt very comfortable in it. The only problem: in the meantime, my belly had grown too much, so I'll have to return it :(

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