Tuesday, 9 October 2012

Pregnancy Style Diary, week 15 | When you just look fat

Hello everyone! I am quite excited because today I am turning 15 weeks.

It is the point, I realized, when you just look fat. The nice, round belly that will eventually signal to everyone your condition has yet to develop, and you exhibit only an inflated stomach. My outfit options are dropping by the minute. The t-shirt + (pregnancy-modified) jeans combination that I have been sporting in the past few weeks has just become a no-no. Fortunately I still have an extra-flowy blouse for my business meeting on Monday that should cover up enough without raising suspicion (situation at the office is quite complicated and I hope to hold on a bit longer before telling anyone). Oh wait -- they are forecasting the first two days of really cool weather for the beginning of next week. What does that leave me with then?

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