Wednesday, 14 November 2012

Library fun

Hello everyone and happy Wednesday! Did you go to the local library when you were little?

I never did. Libraries in Milan were stuffy old places totally unsuitable for a kid. I grew up thinking that libraries were the opposite of fun. In senior year, I had to go to the Central Library for some research, and it was not a pleasant experience even at that age.

That is why I immediately loved libraries in North America. They are places where you want to go and hang out, reading a book or doing your stuff. Discovering our local library in Montreal after my son was born has made me fall in love with libraries all over again.

Today I took my son to his weekly "Book reading and Crafts". A librarian first reads a couple of books to the kids, and then they have to make a small craft inspired by the books. My son loves it!

It is just one of the many activities that the library organizes, whether it is an Halloween scavenger hunt and "Spooky Craft" session, or a meeting with Mo Williams' Piggy and Elephant. Our library was indeed one of the things that I missed the most last year when we were in Italy. Does your local library organize any fun activities for kids? I'd love to hear.

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