Friday, 16 November 2012

MMM for H&M: Did you go?

Hello everyone and happy Friday! Did you go yesterday to the launch of the Maison Martin Margiela for H&M?

I had actually forgotten it was yesterday. In my mental calendar, the launch was today, November 16. Right before lunch, while I was downtown looking for a new puffer jacket (more on this later), I started seeing people with the MMM for H&M shopping bag, and I realized I must have gotten the day wrong. Not that I could have possibly lined up at 7 am in my present condition, although I surely entertained the idea (remember this post?). Nonetheless, as I rushed to H&M, I was a bit bummed that I missed the event.

This turned out not to be true though. At 11:45 am, H&M in downtown Montreal was fully stocked with the whole collection, in a number of different sizes. I think that the reason is that the much-hyped collection, which I had also been lusting over for weeks, was really not worth it. The quality of the clothing was appalling low. The white puffer, which I had considered buying, looked like a cheap duvet that you could find in the back racks at Target. Most disappointing to me was the quality of the leather goods. The shoes and boots with the perspex heels that I had fallen in love with in the lookbook were made of a plastic-looking leather, and were poorly engineered for support and comfort. Last but not least, the beige leather shopper was so heavy and cheap-looking that I would never considered wearing it.

It took me a whole of 15 minutes to get in and get out. Wasn't I glad that I had not woken up at 7 am.

Photo: The "silent march" for the launch of the MMM for H&M collection by Fashionologie.

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